The SEEKERS Trilogy

A Timeless, resounding warning of cataclysmic proportion.  A novel series that will encourage you to ponder life’s principal question.  Are we alone here or is there really a force who gives humans HIS power?  With talk of global unity and current trends toward global harmony, Seekers brings forth, with calamitous proportion another thought provoking change for globalization, and what humans, especially Millennials with those kind of powers, have the potential to do in a new society.  What if it’s not make believe?

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“A life spent without experiencing the supernatural, is a life void of what it was created for.” Liz Morris


About Seekers

Life is not a game of chance… It is an encounter. The answers are sealed within the journey. Only a few will find them. Everything around Nettle Gray and Tommy Jones is not what it seems. They are being watched. While every other college student is living a normal life, they are enticed into a mystifying realm which sends them on an explosive chase that unravels the supernatural.

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